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Art and Local Artists

One area of concentration for the Richland Library has always been supporting the artistic talents of those in our community.  To that end, two upstairs rooms have been remodeled during the past several years and are dedicated to showcasing the artwork of local artists.    

Art and Local Artists
  Presently one room of the Upstairs Gallery contains the works of Calvin Ruth, a local art teacher and former librarian of the Richland Library Company.  Calvin’s watercolors of Upper Bucks County and the Perkiomen Valley are rich visual reminders of the area.
    The second gallery contains an exhibit of Erwin J. Neusch paintings. Born in 1892, Erwin J. Neusch is well known for his many wood carvings.  He began a second career as an artist at age 72.  His most famous paintings are primitives in style and are included in major collections in America and Europe.  He was undoubtedly influenced by the natural beauty he found near his homes in Springfield Township and Pleasant Valley.  He died in 1992 at the age of 100, after creating a fund to support programs for the arts, education, and rural life in Upper Bucks County.
    Other local artists work currently on display range from the contemporary work of Michael Luma, the vintage views of Margaret Harpel, a sculpture by George Papashvily and a portrait by James Schucker.

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