Deed Collection

Richland Library Company maintains a collection of original deeds dating from the late 1770s to the 1950s.  Many early deeds are on vellum, and some include plot maps of the properties involved.  The table below is a partial listing of the deeds available at the library.

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Aaron, Irvin, Sheriff Wayne Title and Trust Company Richland 1897 November 5 
Althouse, Levi and wife Althouse, Henry Richlandtown 1924 December 15 
Ball, Gilbert Administrator for Joseph Foltz Fellman, Jacob Richland 1853 June 13 
Ball, Thomas P, Gilbert Ball Slight, Elias Richland 1860 May 18 
Beans, John and wife Charles Beans Nockamixon 1865 April 10 
Beidleman, Edwin and wife John Bean Nockamixon 1861 March 29 
Betts, Cyrus and wife Elkinton, Lindley M Buckingham 1864 December 26 
Booz, Peter N and wife Booz, Jacob S Milford 1873 February 1 
Carver, Eli W and wife Koch, John Buckingham 1865 April 3 
Carver, Samuel L and Mary his wife Carver, Chapman Buckingham 1871 December 1 
Chapman, Israel Carver, Joseph Buckingham 1828 April 9 
Cummings, Jasper Cummings, Richard Buckingham 1863 June 19 
Dalby, Abel and wife Penrose, Nathan Richland 1804 May 26 
Derstine, Jos F and wife Detwiler, Samuel A Franconia 1881 April 1 
Detwiler, Samuel R and wife Detwiler, Elizabeth Franconia 1886 April 1 
Dill, Irwin B et ux Hillegas, Preston A Richlandtown 1924 December 27 
Eberhard, Adam and wife Eberhard, George Milford 1848 April 1 
Elkinton, Lindley M Price, Smith Buckingham 1868 March 27 
Ely, Joseph S, Sheriff Callender, Amy Buckingham 1859 February 7 
Fellman, Jacob Strawn, Charles F Richland 1870 September 2 
Feucht, Anton and Mary Feucht Gehrlein, Jakob and Emma Gehrlein Nockamixon 1917 March 1 
Fluck, Oswin R et ux Lamar Hager Richland 1937 January 11 
Foulke, Caleb and wife Hertzel, Philip Rockhill 1817 January 14 
Fox, Jacob and Rebecca his wife Hacker, Albert and Pearl his wife Milford 1925 August 22 
Hakel, Louis H et ux Heckman, Harry et ux Quakertown 1923 March 28 
Hakel, Maggie, widow Heckman, Harry et ux Quakertown 1930 November 28 
Haney, Oscar W and wife Althouse, Levi Richlandtown 1921 February 1 
Hause, John W and Mary E, his wife Hudson, Arthur Springfield 1919 August 15 
Heffentrager, John Estate Underkoffler, Jacob Milford 1876 February 7 
Hertzel, Philip and wife, Andrew Reed and wife Schantz, George Rockhill 1816 August 10 
Hudak, Joseph et ux Glowacki, Walter Milford 1928 January 27 
Jamison, Emma Gehrlein and William Jamison Riley, Harold and Mary E Riley Nockamixon 1932 April 26 
Jamison, Willie and Emma G. Jamison his wife Howard, Morton Nockamixon 1941 October 29 
Johnson, David, Anthony Johnson, and Benjamin Johnson Roberts, Benjamin F Richland 1838 April 2 
Johnson, Samuel et ux Hager, Emma Catherine Quakertown 1927 June 1 
Kirk, Spencer W and wife Kirk, William, Sr. Buckingham 1846 May 22 
Koch, Mary Matilda Smith, Peter K Springfield 1894 May 23 
Kocias, John and Julia Kocias Dollna, Stepan and Susanna Dollna Durham 1920 March 31 
Kocias, John and wife Dollna, Stepan Durham 1920 January 8 
Lancaster, Israel and wife Morris, John Richland 1810 July 27 
Leidy, Edwin C  Groff, Henry S West Telford 1899 April 3 
Milford Square Improvement Company Bock, H Anton and Company Milford 1919 December 24 
Morris, John and wife Johnson, Benjamin Richland 1816 April 1 
Moyer, Eliza Mary, widow Lloyd, Raymond W and Marguerite M Lloyd Bedminster 1951 October 1 
Mufley, Joseph and wife Mufley, Samuel Richland and Haycock 1817 April 8 
Neubert, William Neubert, Jennie May East Rockhill 1923 March 10 
New Jersey Trust and Safe Deposit Company Vivian, James Richland 1897 February 24 
Nicholas, Albert Y and wife Pflieger, Henry Quakertown 1908 October 1 
Paulsen, Hans Gerner and Edith May Paulsen Janney, George H and Nancy M Janney Springfield 1941 September 19 
Pflieger, Henry et ux Henry, John H Quakertown 1910 December 17 
Quakertown and Spinnerstown Turnpike Road Company Ohl, Elmer C Milford 1919 July 21 
Richard, John C and wife Hillegas, Preston A Richland 1922 November 6 
Richardson, Amos and wife, Evan Penrose and wife Ball, Nathan Richland 1821 June 6 
Riley, Harold and Mary E Riley Jamison, Willie and Emma G. Jamison Nockamixon 1932 April 26 
Roberts, Jesse Jacoby, Solomon Quakertown 1852 April 1 
Roberts, John and wife Strawn, William Richland 1827 April 4 
Sax, Manase et ux Nicholas, Albert Y Quakertown 1893 April 7 
Scheetz, Samuel F and wife Strawn, Charles F Richland 1869 March 17 
Shade, Emma Koch, Cecilia R Springfield 1913 September 11 
Sheetz, David C Beidleman, Edwin Nockamixon 1861 March 29 
Shutz, Adam and wife Dalby, Abel Richland 1798 April 7 
Shutz, Philip and wife Shaw, William Richland 1776 December 16 
Strawn, Charles S and Mary S his wife Cohn, Edward N Richland 1890 February 10 
Strawn, John and wife Shive, Tobias Quakertown 1860 April 16 
Strawn, Johnson  Ochs, Henry Richland 1858 January 16 
Strawn, William and wife Foulke, Jane Richland 1929 March 31 
Strawn, William L and wife Moffley, Samuel Richland 1826 January 21 
Super, Philip Booz, Peter N Milford 1880 March 15 
Thatcher, Charles et ux Neubert, William East Rockhill 1922 October 20 
Thomas, John Stinson, Elijah Buckingham 1816 January 12 
Wasser, Jacob M and Ethel M Wasser Ogden, Joseph R and Ethel M Ogden Richland 1952 December 24 
Wayne Title and Trust Company Treat, Frederick H Richland 1902 May 24 
Weidner, Leonard and wife Penrose, Nathan Richland 1813 January 11 
Weingartner, Victor and Emilie Weingartner Fly, Harold M and Mary L Fly Milford 1943 March 26 
Weirback, Sarah Ann, widow and George H Weirback and wife Weirback, Levi F Springfield 1920 June 1 
Weirback, Zeno and wife, William Weirback and wife, Albert Weirback and wife, Sabina Knechel and husband Weirback, Levi Springfield 1897 February 15 
Weisel, Harvey H et ux Milford Square Improvement Company Milford 1903 November 11 
Wiggins, Jacob and wife Mathews, William Buckingham 1848 April 7 
Showing 78 items