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Ahlum Johann Jacob Ahlum: His Descendants Gries, Dennis and Judy Bucks County, 1751 -  2004  
Ayers The Ayers Family Early Families of Washington County, New York Azuba, Ruth Ward Washington County, New York 1980  
Bowman Bowmans Thomas, Augusta Dillman History of Hans Dietrick Bauman and his Descendants 1934  
Boyer American Boyers Boyer, Rev, Charles C. Boyer family 1940  
Clemmer Henrich and Maria Clemmer of Franconia, Pennsylvania Clemmer, Abram Lapp Clemmer family 1992  
Cassel Genealogical History of the Cassel Family in America Cassel, David Kolb Descendants of Julius Cassel or Yelles Cassel of Krieshem, Baden 1989  
Campbell Who is a Campbell? Campbell, Jack Facts about Clan Campbell 1988  
Cressman Our Roots in Trappe Kressman, John H. Muhlenburg, Crossman, Schrack, Marsteller families 1998  
Cressman Partial History of the Cressman Family Kressman, John H Supplement 2: Johan Georg Cressman (1697-1758) 1998  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel: John George Volume Crouthamel Family Association Third generation branch of John George Crouthamel 2005  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel: Andrew Volume Crouthamel Family Third generation branch of Andrew Crouthamel 2005  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel: John S. Volume Crouthamel Family Third branch of John S. Crouthamel 2005  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel: John Jacob Volume Crouthamel Family Third generation branch of John Jacob Crouthamel 2005  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel Couthamel Family Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel 1967  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel Crouthamel Family Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel 1981  
Crenshaw The Crenshaws of Kentucky 1800-1995 Peden, Henry C. Crenshaw Family 1995  
Delp Delps Galore Delp, Leonard A Delp genealogies 1971  
Delp Ancestors and Descendants of Abraham F and Ann Cassel Delp Delp, Priscilla L Delp, Cassel genealogies 1683 - 1961 1962  
Detweiler Ancestors and Descendants of Anna Detweiler Detweiler Gehman, Irvin G. and Edna R. Detweiler genealogy 1967  
Detweiler Descendants of Hans Detweiler Jahnsen, Henrietta Landis Descendants of Hans Detweiler (+ 1761) nd  
Eyre Eyre Genealogy Eyre, Barclay Tracing the Ancestors and Descendants of Isaac and Eleanor Cooper Eyre 1921  
Eppley Genealogy of the Eppli - Aeply - Eppley Families in America Fryburg, Gertrude L. History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Jacob Eppli, the Pioneer Eppley of America 1936  
Eichenberg A History and Genealogy of Peter Eichenberg Family in the USA Ikenberry, Charles S. and W. Lewis Eikenberry A History and Genealogy of Peter Eichenberg Family in the USA 1955  
Ealer People: A History of the Ealer Family Ealer, Frederick S. Descendants of Peter Ealer  1968  
Dunkelberger The Dunkleberger Family: Europe to America 1600-1982 Turner, Shirley J. Descendants of Clemens Dunkleberger (1705-1782) 1982  
Duke Henry Duke, Councilor, his Descendants and Connections Duke, Walter Garland Duke Family in Suffolk, England and colonial Virginia 1949  
Doane The New Doane Book Bucks County Historical Society Bucks County's Bandittories of the Revolution 1952  
Foulke Foulkes of the Civil War Halbert's Family Heritage Various Foulkes who fought in Civil War 1993 929.1 FOU 
Fluck Fluck, Gross Greup Price, Laura Lydia Trumbower Descendants of Johannes Fluck of Rockhill Township; Philip Christian Gross of Lower Saucon Township; John A. Greup of Haycock Township 1969  
Foulke Descendants of Edward and Eleanor Foulke Foulke, Larry Ray Ed. The 300th year reunion memorial volume 1998  
Foulke Edward and Eleanor Foulke: Their Ancestry and Descendants 1698 - 1898 Foulke  1898  
Fisher Descendants and History of Christian Fisher (1757-1838) Beiler, Katie Descendants of Christian Fisher 1988  
Fell Genealogy of the Fell Family in America Fell, Sarah M. Descendants of Joseph Fell, who settled in Bucks County in 1705 1891  
Fabian Fabian Families of Bucks County Fabian, Merrill H Descendants of Stephan Fabian (+1661) 1995  
Foulke  Foulke Family: One Branch descended from James Ffookes Foulke, Roy A. James Ffookes of Accomack County, Virginia 1972  
Various Old Richland Families Roberts, Ellwood Early settlers of Upper Bucks County 1898  
Various Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks Roberts, Clarence V. Historical and Genealogical Information about the early settlers in Upper Bucks County 1925  
Fluck Oswin Reinhart Fluck, His Family, and their Community Fluck, Willard Part I 1993  
Fluck Oswin Reinhart Fluck, His Family, and their Community Fluck, Willard Part II 1996  
Frankenfield Frankenfield Kin and Family Data Patton, Alfreda Descendants of Simon Frankenfield 1987  
Freed Partial History of the Freed Family and Connecting Families Freed, Jacob A Descendants of Johannes Freed (+1744) 1923  
Fretz A Brief History of John and Christian Fretz Fretz, Rev. A.J. Biographies of their descendants from earliest available records to the present time 1890  
Fretz Fretz Family History volume II Fretz Family Association Addendum to Fretz Family 1974  
Fretz Fretz Family History volume III Fretz Family Association Addendum to Fretz Family History 1987  
Fretz Fretz Family History volume IV Fretz Family Association Addedum to Fretz Family History 2000  
Geil History of the Descendants of J. Conrad Geil Wenger, Joseph H. History of the Descendants of J. Conrad Geil and his son Jacob Geil, emigrated from Wurttemberg, Germany to America 1754 1914  
Gerhart The Johann Peter Gerhart Family of Earlington, Montgomery County Gerhart, Ross Gordon III Two Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Gerhart Family in America 1990  
Haas Haas Family History Haas, Arthur Milton Descendants of Peter Haas (1716-1778) 1982  
Griesemer The Griesemers Martindale, Ella Catherine Griesemer Descendants of John Valentine Griesemer 1980  
Gretzinger Gretzinger Genealogy Gretzinger, Richard Charles Gretzinger and allied families 2002  
Glattfelder Glattfelders in America Hartman, Don and Jeanine Hartman Descendants of brothers Johan Peter and Casper Glattfelder 1993  
Hartzell, Price Hartzell-Price Family History and Genealogy Price, Charles H. Jr Descendants of Jacob and Magdalen (Keller) Hirtzel and Jacob Preisz and his son John Price 1971  
Hammer Johann Frantz Hammer Hammer, Lowell Varner Palatine Pionner in Pennsylvania and Maryland and his descendants 1999  
Various Families of Haycock Township, Bucks County, and vicinity Moll, Thomas Pennsylvania German Lineage Book volume II 2005  
Haney The Haneys of Bucks County, Pennsylvania Haney, Harold B. Descendants of Jacob Heaney and Catherine Weisbecher 1995  
Hagey The Hagey Families in America and the Dulaney Familly Hagey, King Albert and William Anderson Hagey Descendants of Hans Hage  1951  
Hemsing Diaries of William Souder Hemsing Hemsing, William Souder An Intimate Look at Souderton, Pennsylvania 1885-88, 1902-06, 1918 1987  
Henry Heaven for Farmers, Hell for Preachers Henry, R. D. John and Adam Henry Family of Montgomery County 2002  
Haring History and Genealogy of the Herring - Haring - Hering - Harring Family of Pennsylvania Herring, Calvin Adam Parts E, F: Descendants of Ludwig Horing, Schuylkill County; Descendants of COnrad Horing, Montgomery County 1966  
Haring History and Genealogy of the Herring - Haring - Hering - Harring Family of Pennsylvania Herring, Calvin Adam Part C: Descendants of Johannes Horing, Springfield Township, Bucks County 1964  
Haring History and Genealogy of the Herring - Haring - Hering - Harring Family of Pennsylvania Herring, Calvin Adam Part B: Descendants of Johan Henrich Hering of Paradise Township, York County 1963  
Haring History and Genealogy of the Herring - Haring - Hering - Harring Family of Pennsylvania Herring, Calvin Adam Part A: Descendants of Johann Georg Horing of Greenwich Township, Berks County 1962  
Haring History and Genealogy of the Herring - Haring - Hering - Harring Family of Pennsylvania Herring, Calvin Adam Part D: Descendants of John Georg Christoffel Hering, Albany Township, Berks County 1965  
Heller Heller Family Miscellany Williams, Mildred C. from records in Bucks, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties nd  
Hinkel They All Needed Shoes Miller, Anne Hinkel Hinkel and Biehn and the Hinkel Family 1973  
Hillegass A Genealogy of the Hillegass / Hilligoss Family in America Hillegass, Russell Kern A listing of many Hillegass / Hilligoss descendants in America from the earl 1700s to the present, covering 12 generations. 2002  
Hunsberger The Hunsbergers  Hunsberger, George S. A Portion of the Genealogical History of A Few Swiss Hunspergers 1969  
Histand Family Directory of Samuel Swartz Histand and Susan Overholt Landis Moseman, Ruth Histand Descendants and Ascendants 1969  
Heller The Branches and Twigs of the Bernhart Heller Family Deaves, Mary Heller Descendants of Bernhart Heller 1997  
Hinkel Descendants of Philip Hinckel (1724-1793) Hinkle, Norman G Berks County Hinckels 1986  
Henckel  Henckel-Teter (Dieter) Connection Moist, Kenneth F. Henckel and Teter families in Europe and America 1996  
Hoch Hoch-High Family in the United States and Canada Hoch, J. Hampton Historians of the Family Association 1978  
Jacoby Jacoby Family Genealogy Jacoby, Henry Sylvester Record of the Descendants of the Pioneer Peter Jacoby of Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1930  
Jones Genealogy of David Jones Beale, Ellen M.  1903  
Hoover Descendants of Daniel B. and Mary Weaver Hoover Kauffman, S. Duane  1979  
Hoch Hoch unsigned Melchior Hoch of Bucks County nd  
Huber Genealogy of the Huber Family Shetter, Jacob Huber John Huber of Lancaster County and descendants 1924  
Huber Genealogical History of John Francis Huber from Bucks County, PA Hartzell, Gloria C. Includes descendants with related families 1751-1983 1983  
Huber Second Supplement to the Genealogical History of John Francis Huber Hartzell, Gloria C. Supplement 1988-2002 2002  
Adair Ingalls Some Family Origins Adair, Richard Porter Descendants of James L. Adair and Edmund Ingalls 1970 929.2 
Allen William Allen (Founder of Allentown) James Allen (Founder of Trout Hall) Lehigh County Historical Society Account of the life of William Allen and James Allen 1962  
Armstrong Ancestry of William Walter Armstrong Armstrong, Donald G. Ancestry of William Walter Armstrong of Columbiana County, Ohio - Vol 1 2010  
Armstrong Ancestry of William Walter Armstrong Armstrong, Donald G. Ancestry of William Walter Armstrong of Columbiana County, Ohio - Vol 2 2010  
Backenstoss Backenstoss - Baggenstoss Family History Backensto, Elwood Bruce Lancaster County 1993  
Backenstoss Addendum to Backenstoss - Baggenstoss Family History Backensto, Elwood Bruce Backenstoss family  2002  
Backenstoss Addendum to Backenstoss - Baggenstoss Family History Backensto, Elwood Bruce Backenstoss family 1995  
Ball  Ball Cousins Kinsey, Margaret B. Descendants of John and Sarah Ball; William and Elizabeth Richards of Colonial Philadelphis Co., PA 1981  
Barrett Elijah Barrett of Southern New Jersey and Some of His Descendants Hager, Laura Gaskill Elijah Barrett Descendants 2004  
Barrett The Family of Caleb and Rachel Barrett of New Jersey and Northumberland Co., PA Sanders, Susan M. Barrett, Cooper & Hoppock Families 1992  
Barshinger The Barshinger Family of York County PA Taylor, Vivian F. Ancestry of Samuel Luther Barshinger (1901-1976) 1986  
Bartlett Mayflower Famlies in Progress: Robert Bartlett of the "Anne" and His Descendants for Four Generations Wakefield, Robert S., FASG (Compiler) Descendants of Mayflower families 1995  
Allerton Mayflower Families in Progress:Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower & His Descendants for Four Generations Wakefield, Robert S, FASG (Compliler) Isaac Allerton Family - Mayflower Family Descendants 1962  
Bartram John Bartram (1699-1777) His Garden and His House Cheston, Emily Read Biographical & genealogical information on John Bartram (1699-1777) 1953  
Batchelor; Williams A Genealogy of Dan Batchelor and David Neal Williams Williams, Lyle Keith (Compiler) Genealogy of Dan Batchelor containing surnames of Badgley, Batchelor, Brundridge, Dawson, Dressler, Gower, Hodges, Holshauser, Jackson, Lane, Maclin, McCandless, Mackenzier, McGuire, Outland, Perry, Randolph, Robertson, Stovall, Williams, Winfrey   
Beiler Beiler Boiler Byler History and Genealogy Beiler, Allen R. Descendants of Jacob Beiler (1698 - 1771) 1998  
Bergey Genealogy of the Bergey Family Bergey, David H Record of the Descendants of Hans Ulrich Bergey and his wife Mary 1925  
Bergstresser Bergstresser Obituaries 1903-1974 Moravian Historical Society; edited by Lower Saucon Twp Historical Society Bergstresser obituaries 2003  
Bishop - Burroughs Bishop and Burroughs Families in Early Massachusetts Lane, Evelyn C. (Compiler) Genealogy of the Bishop (Bishup, Byshop) and Burroughs (including Burrows, Boroughs) 1991  
Boone Boone Family Spraker, Hazel Atterbury Genealogical History and Descendants of George and Mary Boone, immigrants to America in 1717 1999  
Brewster Mayflower Families in Progress: William Brewster of the Mayflower and his Descendants of Four Generations Merrick, Barbara Lambert (compiler) Descendants of Mayflower - William Brewster family 1996  
Bradford Mayflower Families in Progress: William Bradford of the Mayflower and His Descendants of Four Generations Wakefield, Robert S. and Van Antwerp, Lee D. (Compilers) Mayflower Family Descendants - William Bradford family 1994  
Brendlinger The Brendlinger Family History 1660-1994 Brendlinger, LeRoy R. Genealogy of the Brendlinger Family 1994  
Brubaker Who Begot Thee - Descendants of Jacob Brubaker of Snyder County, PA Zook, Lois Ann Family genealogy of Brubaker family of Snyder County PA 1976  
Ziegler The Abraham Ziegler Family of Harmony PA Hollenbach, Raymond E. N/D 1997  
Bruner  The Bruner Brothers & Related Families Miller, Marilyn I. Genealogy of the Bruner Brothers  1999  
Carrier-Currier Carrier/Currier Families in Early Massachusetts Lane, Evelyn C. - Compiler Vital records & genealogy of Carrier/Currie Families in early Massuchusetts 1991  
Carter Carter Cousins Eberle, Marie Thompson and Henely, Margaret Shipp Descendants of James Carter and Susannah Griffith 1997  
Zickefoose From Zigenfuss to Zickefoose Larry C. Zickefoose Philadelphia and Bucks Co. PA 1990  
Chapman - Jollly - Rayburn - Smith Chapman, Jolly, Rayburn, Smith -of West Virginia and Ohio and their allied families Machir, Violette S. Genealogical information for Chapman, Jolly, Rayburn, Smith 1965  
Christ Christ Families - Pennsylvania Galon, Ruth (Compiler)  Christ family records 1966  
Young  Six Columbiana Country, Ohio, Pioneer Families Family 4. Baltzer Young and Mary Elizabeth Buss William Brooke Fetters N/D 1995  
Collin Journal and Biography of Nicholas Collin 1746-1831 Johnson, Amandus Biographical information translated from the original Swedish Journal 1936  
Yothers Descendants of Jacob Yothers Bucks Country, Pennsylvania Richard J. Yothers, Jr. N/D 1984  
Cooper The Cooper Family of Maryland Cooper, F. William Genealogy of the Cooper family of Maryland 1972  
Cooke Mayflower Families in Progress: Francis Cooke of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations Wakefield, Robert S. and Van Wood, Ralph - Compilers Descendants of Mayflower families - Francis Cooke 1996  
Cowgill The Descendants of Ellin Cowgill 1682-1800 Stuebing, H.B. and Cowgill-Stuebing, Carole J. Genealogical information of Ellin Cowgill 1994  
Yerk A George/Yerk Genealogy Margaret Hewitt George and Wilmer Krause Yerk Lehigh County, Pennsylvania N/P  
Craig The Family History Scrapbook of the Craig Girls Craig, William Ellwood, Jr, PhD Ancestors of the Craig Family of Pennsylvania and an Ellis Family of Colorado 1998  
Wismer Wismer Family History Rev. A. J. Fretz Bucks County, PA 1893  
Crenshaw The Crenshaws of Kentucky 1800-1995 Peden, Henry C. Jr Genealogical information of the Crenshaws of Kentucky 1995  
Wimmer The Wimmer Family History Harvey H. Wimmer Hatfield, PA N/P  
Cressman From the Newsletter Nelson, Gem (Compiler) A Collection of Articles Published by John H. Kressman in the Cressman-Crissman Newsletter 1999  
Walsworth Williams Walsworth Alexander Hamilton Writght Lebanon, Conn. 1887  
Zamoiski Zamoiskis Across America Marcia Zamoiski N/D 1990  
Cresson Pierre Cresson - The Huguenot & some of His Decedents Hager, Laura Gaskill - Compiler Genealogical information of Pierre Gresson 2000  
Deischer Descendants of Johannes Deischer of Berks County, Pennsylvania Schwar, Elaine D. and Fay L. Cox, nee Schwar Descendants of Johannes Deischer (c1680-1761) 1983  
Williams  A Williams Choronicle Frances Hansen Ehrig Jefferson Country, Pennsylvania 1969  
Crouthamel Descendants of Andreas Crouthamel: The ASH Volume Crouthamel Family Third generation branches of Abraham, Samuel, and Henry Crouthamel 2005  
Willauer The Willauer Family Aaron L. Willouer Montgomery County, PA N/P  
Wildey The Wildeys: A Colonial Family Jack A. Wildey N/D 1997  
Currier Genealogical History of the Currier Family Currier, Richard Sawyer Genealogical information of the Currier Family  1935  
Wickersham The Wickersham Family in America Gay Wickersham Davis N/D 2001  
Davis - Stansbury Kindred: Davis-Stansbury Lines Davis, Helen E. History & Genealogy of the Davis-Stansbury lines 1977  
Weyerman The Weyerman Family of Southeastern Pennsylvania Harry C. Adams N/D 1992  
Davis John Davis -His Wife Dorothea (Gotherson) Davis Chandler, Catherine Soleman and Van Name, Elmer Garfield Descendants of John & Dorothea (Gotherson) Davis 1965  
Weiser Weiser Families in America Fredrick S. Weiser New Oxford, Pennsylvania 1997  
Dierstein Our Father's Lamp and Mother's Light Harris, Joy (Derstine) Ten Generations of the Dierstein Family in North America 1981  
Weaver The Weaver Genealogy Lucius E. Weaver N/D 1928  
Watkins Some Watkins Families of Virginia and their Kin John Hale Stutesman San Francisco, CA 1989  
Warren Richard Warren of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations Robert S. Wakefield, Janice A. Beebe Fifth Edition 1995  
Doane The New Doane Book Bucks County Historical Society History & Genealogical information concerning the Doane's of Bucks County PA 1952  
Doty Mayflower Families in Progress: Edward Doty of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations Cushman, Marion B; Fetzer, Richard; Hill, Peter B.; Hill, Peter B.; and Wakefield, Robert S. -Compilers Genealogical information of Edward Doty 1993  
Duey John Samuel Duey, 1820-1886 - Some of His Ancestors and Descendants Duey, Charles John, Sr Genealogical information of John Samuel Duey 1997  
Duke Henry Duke, Councilor - His Descendants and Connections Duke, Walter Garland Genealogical & family Bible records of Henry Duke 1949  
Eastwood - Pote Eastwood/Pote Lineage - Part I Crockett, Lelah Eastwood Eastwood & Crockett genealogies 2006  
Ealer People - A History of the Ealer Family Ealer, Frederick S. LCDR History & Genealogy of the Ealer Family 1968  
Eaton and Velzer Descendants of Edward Eaton and Katrina Van Velzer  W.E.H. N/D N/P  
Troutman Trautman Troutman Family 1598-1998 Troutman, Eric H.  Berks County, PA 1998  
Umstadt The Rhine to the Skippack and Beyond Umstattd, Elizabeth Madison Coles  Skippack 1999  
Trexler Trexler Family and related kin Warren, John Trexler Trexlertown, PA 1972  
Strassburger  Strassburger Family and Allied Families of Pennsylvania Strassburger, Ralph Beaver Pennsylvania 1922  
Stutzman Jacob Stutzman His Children and Grandchildren Stutesman Jr., John Hale  N/D 1982  
Willauer The Willauer Family Willouer, Aaron L.  Philadelphia, PA 1960  
Vandergrift Vandergrift "A Working Tool" Williams, Mildred Corson and Bradley, Rebecca Maude Doylestown, Pennsylvania 1985  
Tyson Cornelius Tyson Descendants 1652-1986 Kerr-Tyson, Genevieve A. Lower Skippack  1987  
Strassburger The Strassburger Family and Allied Families of Pennsylvania Strassburger, Ralph Beaver  Pennsylvania 1922  
Stout Stout and Allied Families Stout, H.F. Volume 2 N/P  
Sutherland Clan Sutherland McNie, Alan Scotland 1986  
Spangenberg Our Spangenberg Spangenburg Heritage Spangenburg, Oren Edward and Spangenburg, Robert Maurice Philadelphia, PA 1993  
Somerville the Somerville Family and Descendants 1789-1963 Machir, Violette Somerville N/D N/P  
Solliday/Sallade Solliday/Sallade Family of Bucks County, PA Myers, Thomas G. Bucks County, PA 1999  
Stauffer Descendants of Henry Stauffer Fretz, Rev. A. J. Bucks County, PA 1899  
Standish Myles Standish of the Mayflower Warner, Russell L. N/D 1996  
Springer Charles Springer's Family in Swedish History Maull, Baldwin Delaware River Valley 1978  
Steigerwalt The Steigerwalt Family 1767-1967 Steigerwalt, Mabel Berks County, PA 1967  
Stovers The Stovers of Tinicum Township Henderson, Jane Tinicum Township 1996  
Stoudt German Stoudt and Peter Stoudt of Bucks Co. PA N/A Bucks Co. PA 1998  
Smith William Smith 1684 Books, Will-Britt Wrightstown, Bucks County, PA 1989  
Smith Robert Smith of 1719 Smith, Josiah B.  Buckingham, Bucks County, PA 1885  
Small The Small Book or the Journals of David Wilson Small Brown, Sue N/D 1995  
Soule George Soule of the Mayflower Soule, E. John Second Edition 1995  
Smith and Bihshop Samuel Smith and Sarah Bishop: Ancestors and Descendants Fetters, William Brooke Bucks County 1994  
Sherk Christian Strickler Sherk Sherk, Morris N. N/D 1994  
Shirk Descendants of Joseph Shirk Shirk, Sarah Elizabeth Lancaster County 1998  
Shoemaker Genealogy of the Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham Pennslyvania Shoemaker, Benjamin H. Cheltenham, PA N/P  
Slack  6,474 Slack Relatives Keeney, Jr., Roscoe C.  N/D 1984  
Sloyer 250 Years of the Sloyer-Schloyer-Schleyer-Schleier Family Klosek, M. Linda Springtown, Bucks County, PA 2002  
Kin Shaddinger Kin Shaddinger, Anna Elizabeth Dolylestown, PA 1998  
Seward Seward and Related Families Seward, George C. Second Edition 1994  
Shaffer John Jacob Shaffer Shaffer, Mrs. A. Nello Gettysburg, PA 1958  
Shantz  The Shantz Family Hollenbach, Raymond E. Royersord PA 1967  
Shelby The Shelby Family  Galloway, Howard S. Franklin County, PA 1964  
Hunsbergers Hunsbergers Hunsberger, Bryan K.  1941  
Hunsberger Hunsberger Supplement Hunsberger, Bryan K.  1974  
Hunsberger Hunsberger Supplement Hunsberger, Bryan K.  1972  
Hench Hench and Dromgold Reunion, Records of Dromgeld, Emy Hench, Dromgeld, United Evangelical, Harrisburg 1913  
Beidler General Record of Descendents of Jacob Beidler Fretz, A., Rev. Lower Milford Twp, Bucks Co. 1983  
Kratz Brief History of John V. Kratz Fretz, A. J., Rev.  Mennonite Pub. Co., Elkhart, Ind. 1892  
Arndt Story of the Arndts Arndt, John Stover  1922  
Steins Steins of Muscatine (Iowa) A Family Chronicle   1962  
Evans Evans, Whitting, Davis  hand written updates 1962  
Gottshall Family Genealogical History Gottshall Family Grubb, N. B., Rev. Gottshalll Family Assoc 1924  
Wilson Wilson and Allied Families Justin, Alfred Rudulph  1929  
Conrad John and Sarah Conard Kunders, Thones Conrad, Conard, Connard 1939  
Diestein Our Father's Lamp & Mother's Light Harris, Jay D. Harleysville 1981  
Carson Carson Family Carson, Hira, MD  nd  
Bean Bean Ancestors & Descendents of Joseph Keyer Bean Bean, Merrill A. red calico cover 1983  
Barge Barge Families of Phila & Cumberland Co., NC Weaver, Oliver C., Jr.  1998  
Livezey Livezey Family Smith, Charles Harper Phila, PA 1934  
Livezey Supplement to Livezey Family, 1934-44 Smith, Charles Harper    
Boehm Life and Letters of the Rev. John Philip Boehm Hinke, Rev. William J. John Philip Boehm (1683-1749) 1916  
Funck Brief History of Bishop Henry Funck Fretz, Rev. A. J. damage to spine 1899  
Coates Genealogy of Moses ad Susanna Coates Coates, Truman, MD  1906  
Moyer Moyer Family History, 2 Volumes Myers, Clarence Fretz Family Assoc. 1987  
Mayburgers Mayburgers Collins, Donald E.  2011  
Willauer Willauer Family Willauer, Aaron L.  1960  
Kirk Gen & Descendants of John & Tabitha Kirk, 1808-1971 Johnston, Wm. H.  1972  
Kirk Gen & Descendants of John & Tabitha Kirk, 1808-1981, Rev Ed Johnston, Wm H.  1981  
Kirk Gen & Descendants of John & Tabitha Kirk, 1808-1991 Johnston, Wm J.  1991  
Evans History of the Family of William Evans of Limerick, PA Brooke, Frank, III  1980  
Hogh-High Hoch-High Family in US & Canada Hock, J. Hempton  1962  
Johnson The Ralph Johnson Family, Lower Providence to Upper Darby Burns, Lois Ann Johnson  1990  
Krouse -Krauss The Antecedents and Descendants of Georg and Katharine (Bernhardt) Krauss of Auerbach, Hesse-Darmstadt who immigrated to Findlay, Ohio, 1845. Carroll, Phyllis Bicknell Carroll Findlay, Ohio, 1845 -  1986  
Carroll Genealogy Descendants of William Carroll of Colonial New Jersey and of his son, James Peebles Carroll of Mercer County, Ohio Carroll, Phyllis Bicknell New Jersey, Ohio 1998  
Bicknell The Bicknell Genealogy: Supplement to the 1913 Bicknell Genealogy Carroll, Phyllis Bicknell  1913  
Anderson, Olson  Anderson-Olson Genealogy Carroll, Phyllis Bicknell Orust, Bohuslan, Sweden; Meriden Connecticut 2000  
Gerberich History of the Gerberich Family in America Gerberich, Albert H. Lebanon County, Pennsylvania 1925  
Argo The Argo Families Revisited Argo, L. Wesley Maryland, Southwestern Pennsylvania, Ohio 1987  
Lowry A Short History of the Lowry Family in America Butler, Margaret Lowry Bala, Wales and Pennsylvania 1993  
Hughes Hughes Family History of Pennsylvania and the 300th Foulke Family Reunion Cassens, Martha E. Wales and Pennsylvania 1998  
Hughes The Hughes Family: Quaker Pioneers of Pennsylvania Hughes, Walter F. Bala, Wales and Pennsylvania 1995  
King Jacob King (Koenig) and Matheus King (Koenig) of Northampton County, Pennsylvania King, Wilbur Lewis Descendants of Abraham King and his two sons, Jacob and Matheus 1951  
Morris Descendants of Samuel Morris 1734 - 1812 Morris Family Publication Committee A Supplement to the Morris Family of Philadelphia by Robert C. Moon, MD 1959  
Carey A Carey Family History: Charles Carey (1743-1828) of Pennsylvania Carey, Clifford Marion Descendants and related lines; Philadelphia, Chester, and Delaware Counties 1994  
Brumage Brumage - Brummage; They are the same family Wakeman, Virginia Brumage Monogalia and Marion Counties, West Virginia 1988  
Nice Nice Family History: The Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Nice (1791-1874) and his wife Mary Clemmer Hassan, Hazel N. Bucks County; Medina County, Ohio 1993  
Howland John Howland of the Mayflower White, Elizabeth Pearson The First Five Generations; in two volumes 1990  
Croesen The Croesen Families of America Cruise, Warren D. Croesen Families in the 1600s 1998  
Kusters Descendants of Paulus and Gertrude Kusters White, Jean M., ed Of Kaldenkeuhen, Germany and Germantown, Pa 1991  
Ashcraft The Ashcraft Family Neal, Martha Ashcraft Descendants of Daniel of Stonington, Connecticut 1994  
Leedom The Leedom Family Eachus, Sara A. L. Bucks County 1982  
Alderfer Alderfers of America Stanley, Helen Alderfer Salford Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 1730 - 1972 929.2 ALD 
Ambler Ambler Family of Pennsylvania Ambler, Sr., Frank Rhoades Pennsylvania 1688 - 1968 1968 929.2 AMB 
Baylis Baylis Family of Virginia Blum, Willetta Baylis and WIlliam Blum, Sr. Baylis genealogy 1958 929.2 BAY 
Bennyhoff Bennyhoff Histories Bennyhoff, Alan D  Bennyhoff, Crumb, Geist, Engebretson, Moeglein, Schmidt, Peterson, Holmstrom families 2001 929.2 BEN 
Biehn Biehn / Bean Family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada Biehn, Donald M Descendants of Johannes Biehn, Sr. (1700-1781) 1987 929.2 BIE 
Boehm Proceedings of the Reunion of Apple's Church and of the Boehm Family Horn, Rev. A. P. Descendant of the Rev. Johan Philip Boehm 1902 929.2 BOE 
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