The Journal

A magazine of genealogy and local history

        The Journal contains original articles and historic information about Bucks County, with an emphasis on genealogy and local history.  From 1998 through 2009, The Journal was published by the Bucks County Genealogical Society as a twenty-eight page, saddle-stapled booklet.  When the BCGS was dissolved in 2013, it donated its research library and the rights to its publications to the Richland Library Company.  The Richland Library Company now issues The Journal: A Magazine of Genealogy and Local History in May and November as a forty-to-fifty page perfect-bound digest.

Volume 19, Number 2

Volume 19, Number 1

Volume 18, Number 2

Volume 18, Number 1

Journal 17.2
Volume 17, Number 2

Volume 17, Number 1

Volume 16, Number 2

Volume 16, Number 1
Volume 15, Number 2

Volume 15, Number 1

Volume 14, Number 2

Volume 14, Number 1

Volume 13, Number 2

Volume 13, Number 1
       Volume 19, Number 2 - November, 2019
            Pennsylvania Historic Marker Dedication 
                at the Richard Moore House
            Fascinating Finland
            Legend of the Freedom Quilts    
            The Pennsylvania Pound
            Necrology for Jeffrey Lynn Schroy

        Volume 19, Number 1 - May, 2019

            The Presence of A. Oscar Martin in Souderton and Telford
            Writing on the Walls
            Preservation Projects in Richland Township
            Ridge Valley Vignette
            Necrology for Arlene Gross Kinsey

           Volume 18, Number 2 - November, 2018
            Lenapes and Colonists in the Delaware Valley: What We Can                     Learn from the Primary Sources
            The Elusive Marmaduke     Jackson
            Three Rs on Four Cents a Day: Early Education in Springfield                 Township
            Necrology for Blake Nixon


        Volume 18, Number 1 - May, 2018
            The Calvin H. Ruth Archive & Research Center
            Clara and the Cigar Factory
            The Presence of A. Oscar Martin in the Quakertown Area
            Those Local Triplets
            From Our Collection: A Curious Letter

        Volume 17, Number 2 - November, 2017        

            Herbert Rhine Holtmeier
            German Language Publishers of Milford Square
            Violet Oakley's Law Triumphant
            The Road to Freedom Passed through Quakertown
            The Bucks County Traveling Art Gallery

        Volume 17, Number 1 - May, 2017

            Richard Moore: Quaker Humanitarian
            Photo Essay: Progress at the Library Company
            A Trip from Milford Square to Springtown
            Derailed Dream: The Erwinna and Hosensack Railroad
            From Our Collection: Seth Fisher

        Volume 16, Number 2 - November, 2016

            Rudolf Hommel's China at Work
            Making Cigars during the Civil War
            Photo Essay: Richland Library Company
            The Haycock Powder Mills Blown Sky High
            The Schroy Family of Upper Bucks
            Alighting the Underground Railroad at Quakertown

        Volume 16, Number 1 - May, 2016

            The Bucks County Superintendent of Schools, 1854-1971
            Selling Real Estate in Bucks County
            Dr. Bradshaw, Our Man in Washington
            The Spinnerstown Creamery
            From Our Collection: The Green Tree Inn

         Volume 15, Number 2 - November, 2015

            Colonial German Immigration
            Third Cousins Once Removed?
            Building the North Pennsylvania Railroad
            Rockhill's Incomparable Abraham Stout
            Nineteenth Century Common School Textbooks

          Volume 15, Number 1 - May, 2015

              Memories of Teaching in the Nineteenth Century
              Union Churches of Bucks County
              Roots, Literal and Metaphorical
              The Franklin Telephone and Telegraph Company
              Necrology for Calvin Henry Ruth

            Volume 14, Number 2 - November, 2014

              Samuel Foulke and the Yellow Fever Plague of 1762
              The Life and Death of Charles Albert Fechter
              Partitioning Real Estate Among the Heirs: Bucks County                      Case Studies - Henry Weierbach of Springfield, Jacob Meyers of                                  Haycock, Daniel Weidner of Milford, and John Penrose of                                      Richland
              Pennsylvania's Largest Tree a Century Ago
             Devil on the Delaware Canal

         Volume 14, Number 1 - May, 2014
            Margaret Yost Harple, Artist and Nurse
            The Freed Brothers of Richlandtown and the Freed Shoe                              Factory
            Bucks County Marriages and Deaths in Der Lecha Patriot
            The Fretz Barn Fire of 1839

      Volume 13, Number 2 - November, 2013

            History of the Richland Library Company
            A Biography of Milton B. Bean, Architect
            Trinity Lutheran Church, Quakertown   
            Early Baptisms at Trinity Lutheran Church    
            Trumbauersville Schoolhouse Centennial

        Volume 13, Number 1 - May, 2013

             A History of the Bucks County Genealogical Society
            Haycock's Remarkable Wilson Dennis
            The Jackson Apple
            Turnpike Road Companies of Upper Bucks County