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Bucks County Genealogical Society Journal

The Journal contains original articles and historic information about Bucks County, with an emphasis on genealogy and local history.  From 1998 through 2009, The Journal was published by the Bucks County Genealogical Society as a twenty-eight page, saddle-stapled booklet.  When the BCGS was dissolved in 2013, it donated its research library and the rights to its publications to the Richland Library Company. The Journal has been superseded by The Journal: A Magazine of History and Genealogy.
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        Volume 12 - November, 2009

            The 1917 Draft: Culled from the Newtown Enterprise from                             August 4 to October 27, 1917

        Volume 11 - November, 2008
            Bensalem Township History and Directory, 1871
            Several Orphans Court Excerpts, 1890
            College Attendance and College Graduates from Bucks                                     County, 1868-1899
            West Chester State Normal School History, 1870-1871
            Graduates of West Chester Normal School Now Teaching,                             1900
            West Chester State Normal School Students, 1889-1890, 1897,                     1899-1900
            Wrightstown Township History and Directory, 1871

        Volume 10 - November, 2007
            Milford Township Directory, 1871
            Richland Turnpike Dividend, 1871
             School Bills from Milford Township, 1811-1819
            Union School Attendance List, 1889 
            Gerhart School Attendance List, 1888
            Shelly's School Attendance List, 1888
            Population of Milford Township, 1784-2000
            Associators and Militia, Lower Milford Company, 1775
            Non-Associators, Milford Township
            Delinquents on the Militia Roll, 1871
            Gerhart's and Union School Attendance Lists, 1889  
            Mortality Schedule, Milford Township, 1870
            Special Census, 1890
            Bucks County Intelligencer Excerpts, Jan. 7, 1862-Oct. 2, 1866

         Volume 9 - November, 2006

            Durham Township History and Directory, 1871
            Unclaimed Letters at Riegelsville, March to December, 1851
            William Logan Letter to Richard Peters Regarding Land, 1755
            Durham Township Electric Company Certificate of                                            Incorporation, 1917
            Road Review notice, Durham, 1873
            Durham Township mortality schedules, 1850 - 1880
            Michael Guth Farm, Sale Public Notice, 1853
            Eighteen Cannon Balls Found Buried with Corpse While                                 Digging the Delaware Canal, 1829
             Post rider Joseph Funk Delayed by Sick Horse, 1859
            Rufe's School Attendance List, 1888
            Monroe School Christmas Entertainment, 1896
            Churches and Sunday Schools in Durham Township to 1900
            Charles C. Jennings Petition to Sell the English Presbyterian                         Church of Durham at Riegelsville, 1873
            Removals in Durham, list, March 1874
            The Life of Reverend Samuel Stahr (1785-1843)             
            Special Census, Soldiers and Widows, 1890
            Notice to Mills in Monroe, 1865
            Volume 8 - November, 2005

             Bristol Water Company
            Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania
            Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania
            Mercantile taxes, 1873
            Lower Milford Reformed Church Records, Marriages and                             Burials
            Charter of the Bristol Trust Company
            The Black Lead Mine in Southampton, from the                                                 Pennsylvania Register
            Views of Bensalem Township, from the Pennsylvania Register

            Volume 7 - November, 2004

            Isaiah Vansant Williamson 
            Robbers in the Lower Part of the County
            Funeral Invitations sent to Hager Family, 1892-1947
            Notices from the Bucks County Intelligencer from August, 1837
            Fishing in the Delaware, 1781
            Ship Passenger Lists, Port of Philadelphia, 1804
            Hammock Villa Sale Notice by William G. Watson, 1903

            Volume 6 - November, 2003

            Lower Makefield Township and its Earliest Burying Grounds
            Slate Hill Cemetery
            Lower Makefield Public Burying Ground
            Individuals Buried in Burying Grounds Gleaned from other                         Sources
            Probable Burials in the Burying Grounds
            Notes from the Pennsylvania Gazette
            Longevity in Lower Makefield


            Volume 5 - November, 2002

            Migrations to Virginia and North Carolina
            A Private Graveyard
            Rules for the Regulation of a School Room, circa 1840
            Some Bucks County School Houses
            Penns Park Methodist Graveyard
            Middletown and Wrightstown Certificates of Removal
            List of Members of the Makefield Monthly Meeting
            Persons Executed in English Prisons, 1599-1739

            Volume 4 - November, 2001

            Lottery Land in Pennsylvania, 1735
            Marriage Certificate, Bezaleel Wiggins and Mary Cattell
            Salem Evangelical Church Cemetery
            Blooming Glen Dairymen's Association Incorporation
            Public Sale of the late David C. Robinson
            Marriage Certificate, Jesse Wiggins and Margaret Hampton

            Volume 3 - November, 2000

            The Murder of Sam Darrah           
            A Brief History of the Kirkbride Family
            German Baptist Brethren Cemetery, Doylestown
            John Strickland - Robbed
           Thomas Paxson finds a Bull

            Volume 2 - November, 1999

            Memories of Bristol
            Miscellanea of Bristol, Bucks County
            A Thumbnail History of the West Bank of a River Called                                 Delaware
            Local Anecdote of Bucks County
            Marriage Certificate, Joseph Griffith and Mary Thornton

            Volume 1 - November, 1998

            Before the Beginning
            The First Hundred Years 1681-1780: A History of Bristol                                 Borough
            The Beginning of Falls Township, Bucks County
            Records of the Falls Monthly Meeting: Birth and Death                                 Records
            The Middletown Monthly Meeting of Friends: Histories
            Society of Friends Burial Ground, Fallsington