School District 

    Richland Library Company serves as the repository for historic records of the Quakertown Community School District.  


    Various school-related artifacts are on display at Richland Library Company.  Current displays include pennants from the Quakertown High School Classes of 1925, 1938, 1945, and 1953; a class tie from 1945, and scientific equipment used in high school science classes before 1920.

     A large collection of photos depicting class trips, sports teams, and student activities has been deposited with Richland Library Company.  Currently, the collection is being inventoried.
Teacher Inservice, 1957


    Richland Library Company has an extensive collection of The Recall, Quakertown High School's yearbook, starting with the first issue in 1939.   Numerous issues of The Quaker Challenge, the student literary magazine, are also available.  The literary magazine was first published in 1935.